How Springest Certified keeps your workforce compliant

Streamlined Processes and Effortless Reporting

From smart process automation like automated learning track assignment and renewal notifications to comprehensive license to operate management – Springest Certified provides the tools you need. We enable cost savings and make compliance learning management easy again.

Everything related to compliance learning easily arranged via one platform.

Springest keeps you certified.

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Compliance learning management made easy

Springest Certified is designed to automate learning procurement and delivery processes and centralise your company’s compliance learning and certification administration. We fully integrate preferred learning suppliers and internal HR systems, and take over any related processes, such as payments and invoicing, upon your request.

Our comprehensive learning platform gives you full insight in all learning activities and real-time overviews of your teams’ compliance, while lowering procurement and overhead costs.

We keep your workforce compliant with Compliance Learning Process Automation, Mandatory Learning Tracks, Certification Tracking & Management, Unique Data, Self-directed Learning and Up-to-date Reports.

Compliance learning process automation

Compliance learning management often involves numerous internal and external stakeholders and systems. With Springest Certified we connect them all in one platform.

Automatically assign mandatory learning tracks based on multiple tags.

Check the current status of any of your employees’ certifications in your own interactive learning matrix.

Let employees or planners book the required courses at your preferred suppliers – with or without approval flow.

Download detailed reports about certificates, courses booked, suppliers chosen, and money spent.

Employees receive a renewal notification whenever their certificate(s) need to be updated.

Suppliers upload the certificates upon course completion.

Your employees receive an evaluation form after each learning activity.

All invoices are uploaded to the system and can be paid at once in a monthly billing cycle.

You receive Google Analytics reports on the platform usage and quarterly reports based on your specific needs.

Mandatory learning tracks

It’s not uncommon for employees working in sectors like construction, healthcare or finance to need a multitude of valid certificates at all times to be legally qualified for their jobs. And when their function changes, the mix of required certificates changes along.

Springest Certified enables you to create mandatory learning tracks and automatically assign them to the relevant employees from one place. You match certification requirements to learning tracks and (automatically) assign them to employees based on variables like 'function title' or 'seniority'. We enable employees to find the proper course at your preferred supplier in two clicks.

For a smooth matching process, we can link our system to your core HR system.

Certification tracking & management

One of the biggest challenges in organising compliance is keeping track of all the required documentation. We make sure that all certificates and their expiry dates are visible to you at any point in time.

We automatically assign the right mandatory learning track to each employee. Then, we notify individual team members what to learn by when. You are notified of their learning activities too. And certificates are uploaded to the platform by your suppliers upon course completion.

Unique data

As the biggest comparison and booking platform for learning products in Europe, Springest has access to unique data in the market. This means you and your employees can benefit from direct access to the information you need to choose the right supplier. This includes details about starting dates, locations, quality and prices. We continuously increase the quality of our data to service our clients better.

Supplier management

Working with various preferred suppliers? We take over existing contracts one-on-one, or negotiate new deals. Our custom compliance learning platform gives your workforce direct access to the suppliers of your choice and preference. The includes internal learning products, making every single learning option available in one place. Your employees can then book their required course or program in a matter of clicks.

Quality control

Difficulty comparing suppliers that are offering the same course or training program? Not anymore. With Springest Certified, you can consult over 100,000 reviews from participants. After each course, we automatically send out course evaluation forms to your employees too. Set the bar high – we help you maintain the desired quality level.

Certification database

Every sector and work area has its own rules and regulations to adhere to. Our system is flexible, making it easy to comply with various industry standards. Make use of our extensive certification database or create your own certification standards. Your internal certification standards will only be visible to you and your employees.


Security is one of our top priorities at Springest. We use industry best practices for a secure online experience. Your data is, and always remains, your data. That’s why we never touch it without your explicit permission, and make it easy for you to export it whenever you want. We adhere to all rules and guidelines stated in the GDPR and are ISO 27001 certified.

Self-directed learning

With Springest Certified, you give your workforce access to what they need to meet the rules and regulations in your industry. This way, you enable them to take responsibility for their own compliance. They will get full insight into their personal learning history and required training and certificates.

With individual learning tracks, easy booking processes and timely notifications, your employees can stay compliant – without worrying about administrative matters. Everything apart from booking, learning and passing their tests is taken care of.

Up-to-date reports

Up-to-date, relevant, complete, reliable and available at any time. That’s what compliance learning reports are like with Springest Certified. We give HR, compliance learning managers, planners and employees the insight they need in required certifications and the status of certificates and learning programs.

Streamline processes, get real-time insight and save costs on procurement.

With Springest Certified, your workforce stays compliant – without effort.

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