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Put your employees first; offer a personalised learning experience to help them grow. Discover how Springest Go can become your premier Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

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From personalisation to inspiration

Springest Go is fully focused on the experience of its users – your employees. Our platform is meant to help them find the best suitable learning products, fast and effortlessly. On our personalised homepage they will find interests and suggestions based on their own learning history and ambition.

Subjects of interest are inspired by our AI-driven career database. For each one, employees will find reviews of their own colleagues and other peers in their line of work. Springest Go as LXP ensures continuous learning!

Discover our new LXP features below

Personalised homepage and learning suggestions

Interests at one glance

Interests at one glance

As soon as you log in, you will see personal interests and suggestions based on your profile, job title, learning history and job market data. And if applicable, your personal learning budget is shown here too!

My updates

My updates

Here, you will find your active learning tracks, recent and upcoming learning activities, and the latest reviews of your colleagues about learning products that might be relevant to you.

Custom learning suggestions

Custom learning suggestions

Are your interests changing? No worries; our learning catalogue changes with you. We automatically save your filter preferences to ensure we're always ready to help you find what you're looking for.

About Springest for L&D

Inspiration based on real-time job market data

Career pages with skills

Career pages with skills

Discover which skills and educational background you need for over 4,500 professions. They're shown and ranked based on relevance and current demand using AI technology.

Skill gap analyses

Skill gap analyses

Curious which skills you need to develop for that exciting new position you're aiming for? You can easily find out with this tool that uses your profile and real-time market data.

Reviews per job title

Reviews per job title

Difficulty finding your next learning opportunity? Read reviews of others in your line of work and similar positions and get inspired. Your own colleagues will also appear!

Get inspired by the greatest catalogue

This LXP is filled to the brim

This LXP is filled to the brim

Springest offers the most comprehensive learning catalogue in Europe. Over 90,000 learning products of 10,000+ providers. Browse and compare based on reviews, price, trainers, location, and more.

More about procurement
Easy processes

Easy processes

You're registered for your ideal learning product within a matter of clicks. The provider will be automatically notified and so will your manager. Enjoy all the benefits from registration via Springest.

More about the user experience
What's history for some...

What's history for some...

... is a source of inspiration for others. With the social learning feed in My Springest you will get inspired by your colleagues. And your past learning experiences will help others too.

Learning is a social activity

That's why Springest Go always offers the following features:

Learning profiles

Learning profiles

Every employee can create his or her own learning profile, visible for colleagues. Interests and learning history are automatically added – the rest is up to you.

Learning moments

Learning moments

70-20-10 is still relevant today: we learn most while we're on the job. With Learning moments, you can share your insights directly to your profile and inspire your colleagues.

Colleagues like you

Colleagues like you

Whenever you are interested in a certain subject, others can help you get ahead too. That's why we show you which colleagues preceded you on your learning path.

Standard & Custom

Some LXP elements can be found in all versions of our Springest Go platform. Others are custom-made, tailored to fit your organisation's learning goals and requirements:


Personalised based on interests

  • Personalised homepage
  • Interests by learning history
  • Manually updating interests
  • My Learning Suggestions page


Inspire based on market data and AI

  • All standard features, plus:
  • Career pages for your company
  • Skill gap analyses tool
  • Interest suggestion algorithms

Personalised inspiration

Discover the benefits and possibilities for employees:

Automated recommendations

Based on your current job title and interests.


Add new interests to your homepagina.


Browse matching learning products for your interests in one click.

Learning budget (optional)

Your current learning budget, insightful at all times.

Learning tracks (optional)

View active learning paths and check your progress.

Learning activities

Keep track of all your recent and upcoming learning activities.


Career pages with detailed information about various professions.

Skill gap analyses

Compare your current job with your desired position. Discover which skills you've already got and which ones you'll need to develop.


Check which educational background you need per profession.

Professional education

All professional education insightful and comparable in one click.

Related professions

Browse related professions and jobs for more inspiration.

Learning experiences of peers

Discover what peers experienced while studying for the profession of your interest.

Job title as starting point

Upgrade the personalised homepagina with recommendations based on job title. Normalisation of titles and future-proof skills are included.

Your own strategy

Influence the homepagina of your employees with skills and interests that match your company's learning strategy and ambitions.

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Experience the possibilities yourself


Our new career pages and connected skills and professions are developed in collaboration with Textkernel. Springest matches the high-in-demand skills to the current learning products of over 10,000 providers.

Visit Textkernel's website

Textkernel's machine intelligence is the perfect complement to Springest.

They continuously scan millions of vacancies and normalise that data with artificial intelligence. The correlation between occupations, skills and real-time vacancy data ensures that employees receive really valuable suggestions.
Ruben Timmerman
Ruben Timmerman Founder & Learning Evangalist, Springest