Springest Go ensures healthy employees

Aiming to maintain your employees’ health, lower absence or develop human capital? With Springest Go you can give your employees access to what they need – physically and mentally. We help you make vitality a fundamental part of your organisation.

The biggest number of high-quality vitality products in Europe – available in your own platform.

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Your own custom vitality platform

Springest Go has the tools, features and products you need to create a vitality platform that serves your entire workforce.

Your employees can search, compare and book to their hearts’ desire – and you never lose track of their activities. With a user-friendly catalog with more than 3,000 vitality products, you make health and happiness easily accessible.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products that are on display either. Reviews of participants make this fully insightful too – for you and for your employees.

A data-driven vitality plan

Healthy employees create healthy organisations. They function well in their teams, feel engaged and perform at the best of their abilities. But what does your organisation most need when it comes to vitality? And what are your employees asking for themselves?

With the Management Dashboard in Springest Go you will gain continuous insights to answer those questions. You will be able to make data-driven vitality-enhancing decisions and plans.

A tailored experience for each employee

Sustainable employability is important in every organisation but no two employees are the same. So how to make vitality relevant for every single one of them?

Springest Go offers a tailored experience for each employee. Based on their own learning history, search behavior and the interests of their direct colleagues, we offer personalised suggestions for everyone on your team.

Have they found their ideal course or training? In two clicks they’ve completed their booking. It couldn’t be easier.

Individual learning budgets and measurable progress

Regardless of your goals, Springest Go enables visible progress related to vitality. You will see exactly which employee learns what and where.

Assign individual learning budgets and put your employees in the driver’s seat of their own personal development. Evaluations are easily done here too.

Springest Go brings vitality closer for every employee.

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With Springest Go you make learning easily accessible – throughout your organisation.

With our Academie, we’ve given our employees the ability to steer their own course with their development. Everyone can take the next step here – with or without budget.
Eugenie Winkelman
Eugenie Winkelman Manager HR Development, Het CAK

The features and tools that ensure vitality

Search, compare and book in the most user-friendly fashion – with Springest Go every employee can take the next step.

Comprehensive Vitality Catalog

With more than 3.000 vitality products on display, your employees always find something that meets their needs.

Management Dashboard

In the admin environment you gain access to the data you need to make effective vitality plans, making vitality management a lot easier.

Learning Profiles

Which course(s) do you need to get from A to B? Employees can discover it all by browsing through the learning profiles of their colleagues.

Learning Moments

A suggestion. A blog post. A completed training. We make all learning visible. And this includes the 70 of the 70:20:10 model.

Articles & Inspiration

One less barrier to facilitate learning and create a learning organisation – with Springest Go you can easily blog about vitality in your company.

Consultancy Inhealth

Looking to connect corporate strategies to your vitality platform? It’s done effortlessly with the optional consultancy of our partner agency InHealth.

Vitality on every level


Our personal and professional lives are getting more and more entwined. Why then, would you only focus on developing your professional skills? Springest Go enables employees to find the learning products that suit them best – for any learning goal.


Frequent conversations about L&D are indispensable if you’re after great results and optimal ‘team fit’. With Springest Go you’ll instantly discover what your employees most need for their personal growth. And for their bookings, you can easily create approval flows.


It can be a challenge to meet everyone’s needs when it comes to vitality. Negotiating prices, creating contracts with preferred suppliers and handling payments... Springest Go relieves procurement with it all. And you receive discounts over the entire vitality offering.


With Springest Go you get full insights in the learning and development needs throughout your organisation. In a matter of clicks you’ll discover what your employees need most for their vitality. Reporting on L&D and allocating budgets will become easier than ever before.


For well-funded vitality plans you need the proper data. With Springest Go you get insights on all learning activities of your employees – from what they’re searching for to what they’re booking. Moving forward, you’ll know exactly what’s needed in your organisation.

Aiming for optimal vitality in your organisation?

Springest Go creates easy access to vitality products and makes organising L&D simple.

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Springest knows what's needed for optimal learning and development.

The usability is an interesting advantage but the real reason we decided to opt for Springest, lies in the organisation itself. Springest is a modern, progressive company with a vision on learning and development and sustainable employment that matches our own practices very well.
Jurre Pellikaan
Jurre Pellikaan HR Business Partner, Carglass