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Effortless learning in your organisation

Employee development on your plate? Springest Enterprise helps you organise it – effortlessly and effectively.

Our custom learning platforms enable your workforce to find and book everything in one place. You can automate learning related processes, outsource administration and integrate HR systems as you see fit.

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Your employees can start learning at any time – but you stay in control.

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More learning in your team...

Aiming to become more agile, gain a competitive edge or keep your workforce compliant?

We understand why you want your people to focus on their development – but it takes two to tango.

Springest Enterprise makes everyone’s job easier when it comes to learning. This goes for HR, procurement and managers but especially for employees.

In Springest Go and Springest Certified, the best-fitting learning products are easily found and quickly booked. With user-friendly, easily accessible learning platforms, we enable constant learning throughout your organisation.

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...at lower costs

Learning budgets are never unlimited. That’s why you want to offer learning products of the highest quality at sharp prices.

By bundling your entire learning supply chain, Springest Enterprise helps you save costs.
We will negotiate great deals for you with almost any supplier. Already working with preferred suppliers? Existing discounts are added straight away.

Springest also collects reviews of learning products, which makes finding the right additions to your platform a breeze.

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Fully personalised learning

Springest Go puts the experience of employees central. After all, the platform is designed to help them learn quickly and effectively. On our personalised homepage you will therefore find interests and suggestions based on their own learning history and ambition.

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A unique solution for each learning challenge

Aiming for fully controlled, partially controlled or 100% self-directed learning? Every challenge requires different tools. With Springest Go and Springest Certified we offer a custom solution for each one.

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With Springest Go, Stork saves 15 percent on all learning and development costs.

We now receive discounts on all learning products, without limiting our offering or losing quality.
Arjan de Bruijn
Arjan de Bruijn Manager Academy, Stork

Springest meets your learning needs:

Springest Certified <br>for compliance</br>

Springest Certified
for compliance

With Springest Certified you ensure employees are qualified to do their jobs – and that this is easily demonstrable. Connect certificates to courses and automate all related processes. Moving forward, your workforce stays compliant. Effortlessly.

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Springest Go <br>for vitality</br>

Springest Go
for vitality

Healthy employees ensure healthy organisations. With Springest Go you create your own custom vitality platform. With more than 3.000 vitality products to choose from, your employees can search, compare and book the products that best meet their needs.

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Springest Go <br>for mobility</br>

Springest Go
for mobility

Change is the only constant in organisations today. This also applies to the skills your workforce needs. Whether you’re aiming for upward mobility or sustainable employability among your people, with Springest Go you’ll gain more learning employees at sharper costs.

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Springest Go <br>for L&D</br>

Springest Go
for L&D

One platform for everything related to learning and development? It’s possible – with Springest Go. By bridging the gap between supply and demand, we make learning easily accessible for your employees and a picnic to organise.


A wide range of supporting learning services

How easy do you want L&D to be? From group bookings and payments to complete supplier management, Springest Enterprise offers various supporting services with each custom learning platform. Pick and choose. We relieve you of whatever feels burdensome to you.

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These organisations are already learning via Springest:

Springest Enterprise makes learning easy to arrange

All our solutions are based on the user-first principle. This makes all our systems easy to use for employees, managers, HR and procurement.

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BAM Netherlands

Springest Certified keeps your workforce compliant without doubt.

Thanks to Springest Certified BAM employees and managers have full insights in and control over compliance.
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes People Services Manager, BAM Netherlands

Are you ready for the L&D department of the future?

Organising learning has never been more easy and effective.

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