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Springest Enterprise offers various supporting services to accompany your custom learning platform. From invoice processing to Managed Training Services – we ensure smooth sailing. Organise learning with zero effort on your part.

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Invoice Processing & Payments

Administration processes can be fully automated with Springest Go, including invoice processing and payments. Set learning budgets? Enable shared payments? Or utilise subsidies for sustainable employability? We arrange it all for you.

Supplier & Contract Management

Preferred suppliers? You determine which learning products are visible on your learning platform. And if you want to add new suppliers, Springest helps you negotiate the best deals. We also offer an RFP service, enabling you to present your request to 5,500 learning providers at once.

Managed Training Services

Benefit from our total support for group bookings. From putting your program together and finding the right supplier(s) up until booking the classroom and even your lunch – we are the learning partner that relieves your every training need.

Incompany Services

Incompany training coming up? With our Incompany Matchmakers the whole process will be easy. Together, we will create your list of demands and publish it to over 5,500 learning providers. You receive three proposals to make your choice. We take care of the rest.

L&D Consultation

How to form a vision on learning? What type of learning works for your organisation? And what do your employees wish to learn and develop themselves? Our Learning Platform Consultants will help you find out. Your L&D results will be the gauge for our success.