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The complete solution for L&D

Where traditional learning management systems end, Springest Go continues. With great usability and smart system integrations our custom learning platform supports every employee and each department with learning.

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One comprehensive system to facilitate all learning

Springest Go brings internal and external learning products together on one platform. It streamlines nearly every process in the organisation of learning and development.

The starting point? A user-friendly comparison and booking system for employees with analytics for HR, supplier management for procurement and process automation for L&D.

But that’s not all.

With intuitive features and tools, access to the most relevant learning opportunities throughout Europe and various system integrations, we offer tailored solutions for each challenge.

Vitality, mobility or compliance in mind?

From personal learning budgets and bookings with approval flows to LTO and certificate management – it’s easily arranged with our custom learning platforms.

You will obtain full insights in learning in your organisation and with thousands of shared reviews, offering top-quality learning products will be a breeze.

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10.000+ Learning Product Suppliers

You select the ones that are shown on your platform.

100.000+ Reviews

No more unclarity about the quality of learning products.

50+ Corporate platforms

Over 50 enterprises are already learning via Springest.

Benefits for your entire organisation

Springest Go makes learning effortlessly organised – on every level of your organisation.
Our comprehensive custom learning platform promises:

- Easy bookings for employees
- Smooth planning and approval for management
- Cost and time savings for procurement and L&D
- Total insights and control for HR

Finding and booking everything in one Go

Springest Go is the most user-friendly booking platform for your employees. Via one complete learning catalog – with both internal and external learning products – they can get started any moment. Without hassle.

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Offer your employees a complete learning catalog with:

International learning products

10.000 suppliers throughout Europe – you choose which. That means picking from 300.000+ learning products and more than one million starting dates.

Internal academy

In-house trainers can easily sign up as suppliers. This way, we enable you to make all learning opportunities available in one place.

Quality management

Springest has already collected over 100.000 reviews from participants. We will ask your employees to share their reviews and ratings too.

Custom learning journeys

Personal learning journeys or general learning tracks? We create tailored experiences and learning suggestions for individuals and teams.

Tailored learning advice

Not every employee knows exactly which learning product best meets their needs. Our learning advisors help them choose.

Social learning

We make all learning activities visible and show tips and suggestions from direct colleagues. This allows you to create a true learning organisation.

Relieve procurement and L&D with:

Supplier management

Supplier management

You select which learning products your employees can search, compare and book. Preferred suppliers are easily added and so are new suppliers. We help you negotiate discounts.



Spending much time on financial administration belongs to the past. With Springest Go you automate all processes surrounding payments. You can even opt for one monthly invoice for all external courses and training.

Learning services

Learning services

Every custom learning platform is accompanied with various supporting learning services. Looking to create a vision on learning? Arrange group bookings or custom trainings? Springest is your full-service learning partner.

Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Check registrations before they are sent to the supplier? No problem. You can create approval flows as you see fit. With Springest Go you can automate every step in the learning process: from booking processes to evaluations and everything in between.

Create insights and overviews for HR with:



Comprehensive insight in learning is one of the biggest benefits of Springest Go. Moving forward, all learning in your organisation will be centrally organised – from searching and booking learning products up to and including the complete course administration. That means easy reporting.

System integrations

System integrations

Integrate an e-learning tool, procurement system or even your entire HR environment? With Springest Go we offer one unified learning platform – including back-office. Connecting systems is part of that. Our learning catalog is also available in SAP SuccessFactors (SxF).

L&D consultancy

L&D consultancy

How to create a vision for learning in your organisation? And what do your employees want and expect on this front? Our Learning Platform Consultants can help you answer these and many more questions.

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Certificate management

Certificate management

With our custom learning platform for compliance, Springest Certified, you gain optimal control over compliance on the work floor. Connect learning products to certificates, create mandatory learning tracks, and automatically assign them to your employees.

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Secure all employee data with:

Springest Go is a source of data for learning organisations – that’s why security is one of our highest priorities. We work with processor agreements and are fully transparent about what’s visible to whom on your learning platform. Springest is ISO 27001 certified.

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With Springest Go you make learning easily accessible – throughout your organisation.

With our Academie, we’ve given our employees the ability to steer their own course with their development. Everyone can take the next step here – with or without budget.
Eugenie Winkelman
Eugenie Winkelman Manager HR Development, Het CAK