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Aiming to perform at your best and continuously add new skills to your resume? With Springest Go you can set out on any learning journey quickly and easily.

Once your organization has launched this customized learning platform, you’ll always find the best suitable learning product for your development. In a matter of clicks.

Browse and book without effort – and start learning at any time.

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Always the perfect match for your learning needs

Your learning style and preferences may differ from those of your direct colleagues. So how to find the ideal learning product that meets your requirements? Springest Go makes it easy.

With over 300,000 learning products offered by more than 10,000 suppliers, we provide the answer to every learning question. Your company preselects the courses you can choose and Springest automatically notifies supervisors about your registration.

Can’t find the course you’re looking for after all? We’ll quickly add new providers as soon as your manager says yes.

Book independently with your own learning budget

Supervisors or HR managers can assign you a personal learning budget on the platform. This way you can search, compare and book independently and get started straight away.


With Springest Go you make learning easily accessible – throughout your organisation.

With our Academie, we’ve given our employees the ability to steer their own course with their development. Everyone can take the next step here – with or without budget.
Eugenie Winkelman
Eugenie Winkelman Manager HR Development, Het CAK

Apply advanced search filters

With Springest Go you can count on a user-friendly booking platform. Just like on our public learning catalog, Springest.net, you can apply various filters during your search.

Looking for a classroom training or an online course? Or for something that falls within a certain budget range or that is taught at a certain level? Select your criteria in a few clicks and you will find the ideal learning product in no time.

Register quickly, without hassle

Found what you’re looking for? You can book or register for your learning product in two clicks. Your supervisor will be notified automatically.

Your registration will only be forwarded to the trainer after your manager’s approval. And you don't have to worry about the administrative handling or finances either. Springest takes care of it all.

Make use of learning lists and suggestions

Based on your learning history, your search behavior and that of your direct colleagues, we offer you personal learning suggestions. So you will find plenty of inspiration with Springest Go.

You can also create lists of favorites and share them with your supervisor for example.
This way, you are prepared for a discussion about your training needs and you can easily create learning plans.

Get a clear picture of what to expect

It can be difficult to tell in advance whether a learning product really meets your requirements. Therefore, Springest has been collecting reviews from participants for years. We have published more than 100,000 of them by now.

You can find them on our public site and on every Springest Go platform.

We also customized the learning platforms in such a way that you can easily find reviews of colleagues. That makes it a lot easier to ask the right people for advice.

How Springest Go helps you learn:

A complete learning catalog

With more than 10,000 providers with over 300,000 learning products, there is enough choice for everyone. In-house trainers and e-learning programs can also be added.

Easy search & booking process

Thanks to our extensive filter options, you can find your ideal educational program, course or training without hassle. You will quickly see which learning product best meets your criteria.

Consult reviews

If you are going to follow a course, you naturally want certainty about the quality. With the 100,000+ reviews that we collected from participants, the right choice is made in no time.

Learning Community

With Springest Go you can also share learning experiences and reviews with your colleagues. This way you keep learning from each other - even before you start with your program.

Learning Moments

With Learning Moments you can share what you have learned on an ordinary day. A tip. A blog post. A training followed. We make all learning visible.

Learning Profiles

What type of training do you need to get from A to B? View the learning profiles of your colleagues and managers – and get inspired.

Learning lists & plans

Welke opleidingen wil jij graag volgen? Je maakt eenvoudig lijsten aan met favorieten. Zo bereid je een ontwikkelgesprek makkelijk voor en bouw je zelf een persoonlijk leerplan.

Learning suggestions

We show relevant suggestions based on your learning history and that of your direct colleagues. This way, you can alway find inspiration, even if you do not yet know what you want to learn.

Curious to see how Springest Go supports the rest of your organisation?

Springest Go for managers

Springest Go for managers

With Springest Go, your team can start learning at any time – independently and with the greatest ease. But without loss of control or insight for you as their supervisor.

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Springest Go for procurement

Springest Go for procurement

Purchase quality training at the best price? With Springest Go, you arrange it quickly. Just select the trainers you would like to work with. We negotiate the best deals.

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