Integrate every online learning environment

Springest Go makes all learning products for your employees easily accessible in one place – including e-learning tools. Want to develop a new online training program? No worries; our partner aNewSpring has got you covered.

Complete integration of existing e-learning tools

Develop new online courses with aNewSpring

One account for all learning products

Make existing e-learning tools easily accessible

Log in once and start learning right away? It is possible with Springest Go and Springest Certified. We integrate e-learning tools and internal academies on your own customized learning platform. This enables you to guide your employees to the right products for all of their learning needs.

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Benefit from your own didactic toolbox

aNewSpring offers complete virtual learning environments for educators and organizations. You can envision it as an extensive, didactic toolbox with which you can create all online components of your training program or course.

Extensive training program or quick crash course? You decide. The platform is fully customizable to your needs. Once you're done creating your course, you can seamlessly integrate it into your Springest Go learning portal. This way, employees can always start their next learning journey in a matter of clicks.

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Ready for the future of L&D?

With Springest Go, employees always find the right learning products for their training needs.

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