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If you're responsible for the development and execution of training strategies, learning paths and learning methods, Springest Go is the system you've been waiting for. Bring internal, external, online and offline learning offerings together on one platform and let your employees browse and book with their own learning budgets.

With Springest Go you automatically collect the data you need for even smarter training opportunities and curricula. Plus, we help you negotiate better deals.

Organising Learning & Development has never been easier.

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The cost-effective route to a learning organisation

Learning employees are high-performing employees – but everyone has his or her own learning style and needs. How to facilitate that cost-effectively?

Let your employees search and book their preferred training themselves in the quality range that you manage. Add your internal learning offerings and make your selection from more than 10,000 external providers with over 300,000 learning products. We arrange the purchase discounts.

Obtain total insight in the quality of each learning product

Springest continuously collects reviews from participants in order to gain better insights into the quality of learning products. We published more than 100,000 experiences already. Your employees will find these on your learning platform too.

Has a colleague written a review? Then we show that one first. In this way, employees can also consult each other for training advice.


With Springest Go you make learning easily accessible – throughout your organisation.

With our Academie, we’ve given our employees the ability to steer their own course with their development. Everyone can take the next step here – with or without budget.
Eugenie Winkelman
Eugenie Winkelman Manager HR Development, Het CAK

Make L&D visible with social learning

Springest Go also includes other social learning tools, such as Learning Profiles and Learning Moments, to inspire employees. Based on the learning history of employees, their search behaviour and that of direct colleagues, we offer personal suggestions. By making learning visible in your organisation, personal development becomes topical again.

Create custom learning tracks and individual learning plans

Do you want certain employees to follow a specific training program? You can create job-related learning paths with the desired learning products and automatically link these to specific groups of employees.

Employees can also create learning lists themselves with the desired learning products for their personal development. This way, you can easily start the development discussion.

Assign personal learning budgets

Employees can search, compare and register independently on your custom learning platform. Are there any costs associated with the educational program, training or course? Then they can use their own personal learning budget.

You can also set up approval flows. In that case, the manager or L&D department will be automatically notified upon registration. Only after approval, it will be submitted to the trainer.

Save money and administrative efforts

Springest Go takes care of the entire training administration. If so desired, this includes invoicing and payments. Existing deals with preferred suppliers are transferred and we negotiate new deals with every new supplier you add.

How Springest Go helps you organise L&D:

One comprehensive learning catalog

With more than 10,000 providers with over 300,000 learning products, there is plenty of choice. Internal learning products, trainers and e-learning programs can also be added.

Learning paths & curricula

Automatically assign learning paths based on job profiles and create learning plans that you can easily share with each other. They can all be directly linked to the most suitable learning product.

Personal learning budgets

Every employee can work independently with his or her own learning budget. You can also allocate departmental budgets. This way, you can easily monitor how the training budget is used.

Purchasing advantage

We provide a purchase discount for every external provider you add to your learning platform. We take over existing deals and new ones are sharply negotiated.

Full administrative handling

Springest can become your sole provider of external training for your organisation. We can also take care of invoicing and payments.

Process automation

With Springest Go, you can digitise and automate almost every process within the organisation of learning & development. Connecting existing systems is also possible.

Quality management

When you are en route to follow a training course, you want certainty about its quality. With the 100,000+ reviews that we collected from participants, the right choice is made in no time.

Increased visibility of L&D

With Springest Go, employees can also share experiences with each other. A tip. A blog post. A training followed. We make all learning in your organisation visible.

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