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Enable optimal growth in your team

Want to help your employees further in their positions and careers? Then learning is an important component.

With Springest Go, your team members can undertake new learning journeys at any point in time: independently and with the greatest ease. But you keep the overview and – where needed – stay in control.

Employees can easily discover which learning product suits them best – you only have to approve it with 1 click.

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Continuous learning has never been easier

Springest Go makes learning and development easy to organise. With this custom online learning portal, your company makes all internal and external learning products available in one place. This makes it easy for your employees to search, compare and book.

Is your approval needed or can their booking be submitted directly to the trainer? You decide. Either way, you will be automatically notified about the learning activities in your team.

Plenty of choice – of top quality only

With more than 10,000 providers and 300,000 learning products to choose from, your HR or L&D department can select a comprehensive offering for your company – ensuring every employee finds what they need.

Springest has also collected 100,000+ reviews from participants already, so opting for quality is easy too.

BAM Netherlands

Springest Certified keeps your workforce compliant without doubt.

Thanks to Springest Certified BAM employees and managers have full insights in and control over compliance.
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes People Services Manager, BAM Netherlands

How does your team spend its learning budget?

Whether you work with a team budget or personal learning budgets, Springest Go ensures that you can easily allocate it. You will be automatically informed of training activities and find detailed overviews of the budget spent. From now on, you know exactly who learns what and when.

No more complicated administrative processes

This complete tailor-made learning platform takes over all administrative tasks related to training and development. This means that you no longer have to worry about the financial settlement. This is done entirely via Springest Go.

Share custom learning lists and suggestions

Do you want to guide employees in finding the ideal product for their learning needs? With Springest Go, you can easily create and share learning lists with suggestions. Helpful for development discussions or to present (standard) learning paths.

Let your employees inspire each other

Based on their learning history, search behaviour and that of direct colleagues, we offer employees personal learning suggestions. Moreover, we make L&D visible in your team with social learning tools such as Learning Moments and Learning Profiles. This enables employees to see what others are learning. No one will be short of inspiration with Springest Go.

How Springest Go supports you as manager:

A comprehensive learning catalog

With more than 10,000 providers with over 300,000 learning products, there is plenty of choice for everyone. In-house trainers and e-learning programs can also be added.

Learning lists & suggestions

Employees can easily browse, filter and save favorites. You can also share training or course suggestions with them based on their learning needs or job profile.

Individual curricula & learning paths

Automatically assign learning paths to (new) teammates with the proper educational programs, training or courses. You can also compile individual learning plans in a few clicks.

Personal learning budgets

Everyone can search and book independently with his or her own learning budget. As their manager, you only have to approve their choice. You will automatically be notified.

0% administrative hassle

All learning activities are automatically tracked in Springest Go and the financial settlement also takes place via the platform. What else is left to be done?

100.000+ reviews

When you are en route to follow a course, you want certainty about the quality. With the 100,000+ reviews that we collected from participants, the right choice is made in no time.

Learning Community

With Springest Go, employees can also share experiences with each other. A tip. A blog post. A training followed. We make all learning visible.

Learning Profiles

What training do your team members need to get from A to B? They can discover it in the Learning Profiles of their direct colleagues.

Curious to see how Springest Go supports the rest of your organisation?

Springest Go for employees

Springest Go for employees

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Springest Go for procurement

Springest Go for procurement

Purchase quality training at the best price? With Springest Go, you arrange it quickly. Just select the trainers you would like to work with. We negotiate the best deals.

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