Springest Go for HR

The learning platform for total insight

Accelerate growth, increase flexibility or enable more mobility? Whatever your objectives are for the development of human capital, with Springest Go you will get a grip on it.

This complete, tailor-made learning platform facilitates every step in the organisation of learning & development – and provides the data you need for effective policy making.

From insurance companies and banks to construction companies - Springest Go helps organisations learn.

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Organise and oversee everything in one place

Springest Go is the user-friendly learning portal that helps employees learn. We make all training opportunities in your company available in one place.

First, you add your entire internal learning offering and choose which external providers you wish to show. Then we help you with the purchasing processes and close the best deals.

With our custom learning portal, we make learning activities transparent. And to make things easier for every department, we integrate existing HR and purchasing systems.

Make data-driven decisions

Decentralised purchasing and a lack of insight into training activities make it virtually impossible to make data-driven decisions in the field of learning. With Springest Go, this challenge belongs to the past for your organisation.

By making sure all learning products are booked through the same portal, we make every learning activity visible. And with our 100,000+ shared reviews, quality management becomes easy as well.

Supervision and custom views on various levels

Springest Go is designed to make sure every employee and department receives the proper support in the field of learning. That’s why you can assign different roles in the Admin environment, each with their own views and options. This way everyone stays in control at the desired level.

How Springest Go supports HR:

Total insight into learning

With more than 10,000 suppliers with over 300,000 learning products, there is enough choice for every company. In-house trainers and e-learning programs can also be added.

HR analytics

You need solid statistics for an adequate human resource development policy. With Springest Go, you get real-time insight into almost everything related to HRD in your organisation.

Monitor training needs

What do employees want to learn themselves? Which learning products and suppliers are the most popular? And what can you better manage as an organisation? Springest Go provides the answers.

System integrations

Want to link employee profiles to learning tracks or automatically assign courses to certain function types? We provide seamless integrations with existing LMS, HR or procurement systems to help you do that.


Define a vision on learning? Springest knows how to optimally approach and organise learning in (large) organisations. We are happy to advise you in the development of your HRD policy.

Quality management

If you’re en route to follow a course, you want to make sure the quality is up to par. With the 100,000+ experiences that we collected thus far, the right learning products are found in no time.

Curious to see how Springest Go supports the rest of your organisation?

Springest Go for employees

Springest Go for employees

Aiming to perform at your best and continuously add new skills to your resume? With Springest Go, you can start your learning journey independently – at any point in time.

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Springest Go for managers

Springest Go for managers

With Springest Go, your team can start learning at any time – independently and with the greatest ease. But without loss of control or insight for you as their supervisor.

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Springest Go for </br> L&D

Springest Go for

With Springest Go, you collect all the data you need for even smarter training opportunities and curricula. Organising learning and development has never been easier.

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Springest Go for procurement

Springest Go for procurement

Purchase quality training at the best price? With Springest Go, you arrange it quickly. Just select the trainers you would like to work with. We negotiate the best deals.

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