Springest Go secures sustainable employability

Lifelong learning has become the new norm – for organisations and their employees. But organising that comes with its own set of challenges. How to facilitate learning for mobility?

Automate difficult processes, present a comprehensive offering and let your employees take care of the rest. With Springest Go you make personal development accessible throughout your organisation while saving time and money on procurement.

We make learning accessible for employees and insightful for their managers.

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Your own learning platform for mobility

With just as many development needs as there are employees it can be challenging to organise learning for sustainable deployment.

Springest Go allows you to create a user-friendly learning platform for employees that enhances their mobility. You get full insights in what your employees are searching for and booking.

Enable your workforce to select learning products from any of the thousands of learning providers throughout Europe that are available on our platform. You choose which are visible – and add new suppliers as you see fit. Your employees can find what they need, but you stay in control.

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ING Belgium

Springest Go enables employees to take their personal growth into their own hands.

We offer employees a wide variety of learning opportunities but we don’t take them by the hand to tell them what they’re supposed to learn. They know what’s best for themselves.
Stefaan Stroo
Stefaan Stroo HR Project Manager, ING Belgium

A personal learning budget for every employee

With Springest Go you offer employees a learning platform with a wide variety of options and easily assign personal learning budgets.

Invoicing and payments can be fully run by us, which means 0% administrative hassle. This makes it much easier to start – and keep – learning.

Total insights and control for HR and L&D

A forward-looking mobility strategy requires a progressive learning platform. Springest Go is made for the future. This applies to both the front end and the back end.

In a few clicks you gain total insights in what’s being learned and what’s being spent.

Not completely satisfied with any of your suppliers? Or are certain learning products still missing on your platform? Your offering is quickly and easily adjusted. It’s also possible to connect your learning platform with an existing LMS, HR system or procurement system. We enable seamless integrations.

Features and tools that enhance mobility

Search, filter and book in the most user-friendly fashion – every employee can start his or her learning journey at any time.

Complete Learning Catalog

With over 200,000 learning products of thousands of suppliers in Europe, employees always find something that meets their needs.

Management Dashboard

In the admin environment you’ll find the data you need to create smart mobility plans and programs.

Learning Profiles

Which learning products do you need to get from A to B? Your employees will discover it easily by visiting their colleagues’ learning profiles.

Custom Learning Advice

Not every employee knows which learning product best meets their needs. Our learning advisors help them choose.

Internal Academy

In-house trainers can easily create their own supplier profiles and add their products. We help you ensure that your entire offering can be found and booked.

Quality Management

Springest has collected over 80,000 reviews of participants. We ask your employees to share their experiences too.

Springest Go supports mobility on every level of your organisation


Employees like to stay in charge of their own personal development. And who else knows best what skills they wish to acquire? Springest Go eliminates barriers in any learning journey. With this user-friendly booking platform, you enable employees to steer their own course.


Springest Go makes learning accessible for employees and insightful for their managers. Simply set individual learning budgets and create approval flows where necessary. Managers get complete support with group bookings and incompany training as well.


Looking to negotiate better deals with preferred suppliers? Or aiming to arrange and administer payments more smoothly? Springest Go relieves procurement. We can even become your sole supplier for learning for mobility. We also offer interesting discounts on our entire offering.


Springest Go doesn’t stop at enabling your employees to keep learning. Moving forward, you gain all the data you need to make smart decisions around mobility. With one central learning platform, you’ll know exactly what’s needed in your organisation.

Springest Go makes learning for mobility easy to do and fun to organise

Curious to see how we can facilitate your employees with their learning journeys?

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With Springest Go you make learning easily accessible – throughout your organisation.

With our Academie, we’ve given our employees the ability to steer their own course with their development. Everyone can take the next step here – with or without budget.
Eugenie Winkelman
Eugenie Winkelman Manager HR Development, Het CAK