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Compliance Training Tools for Everyone Involved

Tasked to keep your workforce compliant, facilitate compliance learning or stay compliant on the job?
Springest Certified is the custom compliance learning platform that supports everyone involved – HR, compliance learning managers, planners and employees.

Avoid unnecessary risks and fines.

Arrange all compliance learning related processes through one user-friendly platform and obtain real-time insight.

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365 Days per year verifiably compliant

Springest Certified matches the required certificates in your sector to the relevant courses or training programs and employees. Providing HR, managers, planners and employees with the insights and tools they need for compliance learning on their level, we enable your workforce to stay compliant. Verifiably. All year round.

Discover how Springest Certified supports each of your departments or teams below.

BAM Netherlands

Springest Certified keeps your workforce compliant without doubt.

Thanks to Springest Certified BAM employees and managers have full insights in and control over compliance.
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes
Xenia Schönfeld-Kroes People Services Manager, BAM Netherlands

Springest Certified for HR

Decentralised compliance learning organisation makes instant, reliable reporting a difficult task. With Springest Certified, your company arranges the entire organisation of compliance learning in one system. Our easy-to-use HR dashboard ensures you never lose track of certification statuses again.

Centralised compliance learning

Real-time compliance reports

Lower operational costs

End-to-end process automation

Access to all suppliers in one place

Supplier management tools & support

Springest Certified for compliance learning managers

Working with separate sheets or systems to manage compliance learning in your team(s) is no longer necessary. With Springest Certified, you arrange every step of the process in one easy-to-use compliance learning platform. This includes certification management, certificate administration, course bookings, payments and more.

Continuous and comprehensive insight

Less administrative work

Access to our certification standards database

Ability to add your own certification standards

Trustworthy automated processes

Ability to view and download certificates

Springest Certified for Planners

If you’re responsible for work planning, you need to know which employees are compliant to do the job. With Springest Certified, you can obtain these insights in a matter of clicks. Need several team members to join a specific training? You can register them all in one go. All administration is handled automatically.

Comprehensive course catalogue

Interactive compliance matrix

Easy multi-booking options

Springest Certified for Employees

Employees can visit their personal dashboard at any time to see which certificates they currently possess, which are in need of renewal and which are still required by when. With email notifications, they are timely informed about expiry dates. In two clicks, they can book the proper course or training program. Managers are instantly notified and all administration is handled automatically.

Personal Learning Tracks

A user-friendly learning catalogue

Instant access to certificates and bookings

Reliable support & advice by phone

Ready to discover what your company can achieve with our compliance learning platform?

Springest Certified is the fast-track to a continuously compliant workforce.

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