Social responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. It's not just a slogan, it's many projects, policies and continuous learning.

Springest wants to help people learn, worldwide, but in a specific way. We strive to be a non-stop-learning organisation, but we also take our social responsibility serious. We did this since our inception, but now it has the the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, or CSR. We believe it’s normal to be conscious about the world and its resources around us. We consider this the most efficient way to grow, both as people and as a company.

  • Support of Edukans foundation
    57 million kids in the world don’t go to school. Education grants strength and grants children skills they can use their entire life. That’s why Edukans works on getting more schools, benches, chalkboards, books and teachers in developmental countries. For every review left by a user, Springest donates 1 euro to this foundation. Currently we have more than 73.000 of them. You can find more about our joint success on our blog
  • Organic lunch and coffee
    Landmarkt, a local supplier of food and ingredients, delivers our lunch four days a week. Ingredients are seasonal, local and artisanal. The coffee is world’s first FairChain coffee from Moyee
  • Vaderschapsverlof
    Parenthood is one of life’s greatest gifts. That’s why Springest grants ten, instead of two days of paternal leave.
  • Public Transport and the Public Transport Bicycle (wherever possible)
    Springest reimburses public-transport costs for employees in order to stimulate a greener commute. In the Netherlands we have a public-transport bicycle – the use of which we stimulate.
  • Greenwheels
    Sometimes a car is necessary for appointments outside of the office. That’s where Greenwheels comes in. Through Springest, our employees can rent a Greenwheels car, preventing the need for 15 other cars on the road. That doesn’t just prevent busy roads, but also creates valuable space in a city.
  • Paperless-office policy
    Springest barely prints anything. All our company systems and information are available (securely) in the cloud. Through this we can work from anywhere. We even have a role for this, called Promote remote.
  • Rackspace Cloud servers on 100% sustainable energy
    We know that the energy we consume is taxing on the environment through its Co2 production. That’s why we use the Rackspace Datacentre in the United Kingdom which has certified 100% sustainable energy for 18 of our servers. The other part of our servers runs on green energy for 40% through Amazon Web Services.
  • Learning seats (Rails Girls Summer of Code)
    Practice what you preach! Springest values Learning & Development, which is why we’re a Coaching Company for Rails Girls. Springest offers workplaces to coaches so they can help Girls on their way with their coding study.
  • Set up Mvostudie with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) in 2013
    By supporting this portal, Springest enables companies and professionals to easily find a course in Corporate Social Responsibility. This way we help shape green careers.
  • Co2 compensation
    We have an office in Germany that we frequently visit. Vice versa, Springeteers from Berlin also come to Amsterdam. In 2017 we even went on Workation with the entire company. To stay Socially Responsible, we calculate our Co2 emission and buy Co2 compensation. This money contributes to Hivas’ biogas programmes in Cambodia.
  • Sustainable officeA large part in choosing our headquarter’s location had to do with sustainability. NSI, the parent company behind Het Nieuwe Kantoor (HNK), undertakes several CSR initiatives to ensure a responsible, sustainable office as a basis for productivity. As an example, NSI has realised the following:– 7% savings on all energy consumption in 2016
    – All energy has been sustainably generated by hydropower. From 2017 onwards NSI aims to only use wind energy.
    – Carbon neutral by purchasing Gold Standard Certificates
    – 93% of all HNK offices has an energy label of ‘C’, or higher.Read NSI’s yearly annual report for more information

Springest hopes to develop further in this area. That’s why we would love to hear suggestions from partners.

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