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Anyone who has taken a training course or programme can post a review of their experience on Springest. Reviews are an important customer orientation tool in the online world, where former customers help future seekers find their ideal offering.

For each submitted review, we donate £1 to the Edukans Foundation. Edukans is a non-profit organisation that makes primary education available in developing countries. As a result of the submitted reviews, we’ve been able to donate more than of €20,000. With the help of Edukans, Springest is able to promote education at home as well as abroad.

At the moment we are contributing to a project named the School-Sponsor-Program which supports the Ebule Primary School in Uganda. Edukans sends us updates with the project’s progress, showing us how your reviews are contributing to improvement and maintenance of Ebule Primary School.

Edukans explains Uganda

In Uganda, almost all children start primary school in Year 1. However, not even half of the students get to finish primary school. Often parents do not see the use of an education, or teachers have had to stop teaching due to severe illnesses – HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrhoea, etc.
Furthermore, Uganda is still suffering the consequences of years of war and conflict: teachers have fled, children are homeless or are suffering from child soldier traumas, road access is poor and dangerous, and teaching material is heavily lacking. Edukans wants to help these children.

Ebule Primary School

The school takes its name from the nearby village – Ebule. Ebule lies in the Lango region, in Central Uganda. For almost twenty years the Lango region was the site of a fierce battle between the Ugandan army and the LRA rebel movement.

The LRA – the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army – was responsible for committing many atrocities.
Boys were kidnapped and forced to fight as child soldiers. Any child who tried to escape was either killed or mutilated.

The violence led to casualties and nearly a million inhabitants sought refuge in refugee camps. Unfortunately the LRA were not the only ones that ravaged the area. Cattle thieves of the Karamojong tribe stole cattle in an extremely violent manner, creating many victims along their wake.

Relatively safe
In the last five years, peace and calm is slowly returning to the Lango region, making it relatively safe. 95% of all inhabitants have returned to their village. However, daily life is still very much unsettled. Education and health care are disrupted. Buildings have been destroyed or neglected and there is a lack of skilled workers, meaning a shortage of teachers, doctors and nurses.

Reconstruction Getting all the children back in school is not an easy task. Both parents and children do not think of school as a priority.

Girls in particular stay home. Many children are orphaned and need to look after family members. Traumatised children don’t receive the psychological help they require to have a shot at a better future.

Under these difficult circumstances, Edukans partner POBEDAM has helped by rebuilding 25 schools and the education system in the Lango region. One of these schools is the Ebule Primary School.

Those involved – the parents, teachers and the school management – are all extremely motivated to get the school running again.

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