End-to-End Compliance Learning Management

Get ready for effortless compliance learning management. With our fully customisable learning platform, you set the rules, we notify your workforce.

Springest Certified enables timely learning for employees and constant insights in their certification status for their managers and HR.

Springest Certified is compliance made easy

Set up mandatory learning tracks and connect certificates to the relevant learning products of your preferred suppliers.

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Compliance Learning Management is serious business – we make organising it fun again

Employees need current knowledge, you need constant insights. At Springest, we understand what you’re up against with compliance learning management.

From substantial fines to serious accidents – failing to stay compliant can cost you dearly.

How to safeguard your organisation, mitigate risk and enable yourself to track and report back on compliance in your team(s) at any time?

We’ve built the solution.

Springest Certified makes Compliance L&D easy – on every level

Compliance Learning Process Automation

Mandatory Learning Tracks

Unique Data

Self-directed Learning

Certification Tracking & Management

Up-to-date Reports

Springest Certified is the compliance learning management platform that allows you to organise, administer and automate the entire compliance learning process – end-to-end.

Create mandatory learning tracks, automatically assign them to relevant groups and individuals, keep track of certificates and manage procurement – all in one place.

Springest Certified collects certificates upon course completion and gives employees, managers and HR continuous insights in expiry dates – in just a matter of clicks.

With notifications and direct access to in-house learning products and those of preferred suppliers, we help employees and their managers book the required courses – in time.

Everything you need for a compliant workforce

Springest Certified provides the tools you need to adhere to the ever-changing rules and regulations in your industry – and stay certified.

one fully customisable platform to manage compliance training processes.

real-time overviews of certificates and expiry dates.

a user-friendly booking platform for employees and planners.

a multi-source supply management tool that enables connections with existing learning providers like Railcenter too.

access to thousands of learning providers in Europe with various discount agreements.

flexible system-integration APIs.

a tailored interface for HR, compliance learning managers, planners and employees.

automation options for various processes, including certificate uploads.

create mandatory learning tracks.

use our database with certification standards or create your own.

automatically assign learning tracks to relevant groups or individuals.

keep track of certificates and their expiry dates.

administer both internal and external compliance learning.

connect your own preferred suppliers to certifications.

create real-time reliable compliance reports.

create trigger-based notifications.

Springest Certified enables you to facilitate and automate all compliance-training-related processes in one user-friendly system.

Save time, costs and effort – and stay compliant.

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What makes Springest certified

To help employees grow, improve or stay compliant, companies like BAM, Vattenfall, Stork, NS, Eneco and Essent have already partnered with us.

Every day, we connect thousands of learners throughout Europe to the best learning products for their development needs. With our corporate solutions, Springest Go and Springest Certified, we help organisations do the same.

7.000 Suppliers

80.000 Reviews

50+ Corporate Platforms

Based on your requirements, we build custom solutions for cost-effective, insightful and efficient learning management.

Springest is certified too: with ISO 27001.

Springest Certified keeps you compliant – cost-effectively

Curious to find out what your organisation can save on compliance training and compliance learning management?

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