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UX Design Meetup – 30th October, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, Amsterdam

Are you a UX Designer or perhaps hoping to become one? Do you live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam? Then this news may be of interest to you. As big believers of User Experience Design (UX) we’re very excited to announce that on Thursday the 30th of October, CareerFoundry will be launching its first ever event outside of Germany, at Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, in Amsterdam.

At Springest we’re always trying to improve the way our visitors use our site, whether it’s through A/B tests, or optimising the flow from homepage to the product page, etc. That’s why when CareerFoundry told us that they were organising a UX meetup we decided to help spread the word.

Why Amsterdam?

meetup1As a port city, Amsterdam is famously international, adaptable and tolerant, qualities which make the city fertile ground for startups. The relatively liberal tax laws in the Netherlands are a further incentive for foreign companies looking to set themselves up in the city. The tech scene, which is vibrant and versatile, has been largely created by entrepreneurs with bottom-up initiatives. With such a thriving tech scene, we decided Amsterdam was the perfect location for us to hold our first meetup outside of Berlin to discuss the importance of UX design, a role of increasing importance in tech startups.

World Usability Day – 30th October

It is no coincidence that the day of our Amsterdam meetup, Thursday the 30th of October, is also World Usability Day!  Join us for a panel discussion on the difference between UX and UI Design with three UX experts, Emil Lamprecht, UX Design mentor at CareerFoundry plus two local UX Designers from the tech scene  who will share their thoughts and experiences on the industry with us.

They will be discussing what the terms  UX and UI design mean, what expectations are placed on each role and how to kickstart your career as a UX or UI Designer.

When: Thursday October 30th, 2014

Where: Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, in Amsterdam

Who: Emil Lamprecht, plus two more UX designers to be confirmed

What: A panel discussion on the differences between UX & UI design.

RSVP: Meetup & Facebook

We’re inviting five UX Designers to get up in front of the crowd and introduce themselves. If you want to take part send Annie an email to reserve your spot. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your name out there and sell your wares!

Pointers for the discussion will be based on Emil’s article The Difference Between UX & UI Design – A Layman’s Guide published on the CareerFoundry blog on 25.09.14. If you have any notions you’d like to throw into the mix send Annie an email!

Drinks will be sponsored by Elance and CareerFoundry!

Drinks from 7:30pm

Discussion starts at 8:00pm

Networking from 9:00pm

What is the UX Designers HQ?

UX Designers HQ is a new meetup to unite the UX community in Berlin – we welcome ux’ers of all levels who want to make waves in the tech world.