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Bringing Holacracy to the HR Congress on November 30

Through Springest Go we enable companies to become true learning organisations. This is made possible because at its core, Springest revolves around a lifetime of learning. Through the company’s own intrinsic focus on learning we’ve come up with a series of tips that you can implement in your organisation the next day.

If you need inspiration to take your next steps towards becoming a learning organisation this talk is for you. Or perhaps you’re just curious to see what happens when you empower employees to the point that everybody – and nobody – is the CEO of a company?

Come find us at the Amsterdam Rai on November 30. Ruben Timmerman, founder of Springest, will openly share his experiences of transforming a start-up to a scale-up with Holacracy as its operating system. And when we say ‘’openly’’, we mean it – business isn’t rosey all the time, and Ruben isn’t afraid to get in front of this. How else are we going to challenge you to look at how your own company operates?

The Details

Ruben’s presentation: Self-Organisation: now what?
How Holacracy can add Structured Flexibility
November 30
Room 2, 12.00-12.30
After the presentation there’s ample time for questions.

The HR Congress, Amsterdam Rai
Event runs on 29 and 30 November.
Ruben’s talk is on November 30.