Springest Go

The complete solution for learning & development

Where traditional learning management systems end, Springest Go continues. With great usability and smart system integrations our custom learning platform supports every employee and each department with learning.

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One comprehensive system to facilitate all learning

Springest Go brings internal and external learning products together on one platform. It streamlines nearly every process in the organisation of learning and development.

The starting point? A user-friendly comparison and booking system for employees with analytics for HR, supplier management for procurement and process automation for L&D.

But that’s not all.

With intuitive features and tools, access to the most relevant learning opportunities throughout Europe and various system integrations, we offer tailored solutions for each challenge.

Vitality, mobility or compliance in mind?

From personal learning budgets and bookings with approval flows to LTO and certificate management – it’s easily arranged with our custom learning platforms.

You will obtain full insights in learning in your organisation and with thousands of shared reviews, offering top-quality learning products will be a breeze.

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