Springest Go secures sustainable employability

Lifelong learning has become the new norm – for organisations and their employees. But organising that comes with its own set of challenges. How to facilitate learning for mobility?

Automate difficult processes, present a comprehensive offering and let your employees take care of the rest. With Springest Go you make personal development accessible throughout your organisation while saving time and money on procurement.

We make learning accessible for employees and insightful for their managers.

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Your own learning platform for mobility

With just as many development needs as there are employees it can be challenging to organise learning for sustainable deployment.

Springest Go allows you to create a user-friendly learning platform for employees that enhances their mobility. You get full insights in what your employees are searching for and booking.

A personal learning budget for every employee

With Springest Go you offer employees a learning platform with a wide variety of options and easily assign personal learning budgets.

Invoicing and payments can be fully run by us, which means 0% administrative hassle. This makes it much easier to start – and keep – learning.