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Eduhub Update: December

Eduhub Update: December

It is a pleasure to provide you with this first update on how developed so far.
  • Peek behind the scenes of Eduhub
  • Growth since launch
  • The Eduhub Admin
  • Worth knowing


Peek behind the scenes of Eduhub

Our new office Rokin 75
In 2008 Ruben Timmerman and Wouter de Boer joined to build a transparent and independent platform for comparing education programmes in The Netherlands; was born and is successfully growing since.

Today we are the leading education comparison website in The Netherlands, containing more than 22.000 courses from 1.970 institutes with an average of
130.000 unique visitors per month.

In summer 2010 it was time to go a step further by crossing the channel to launch The goal: repeating and even exceeding the success of Besides growing online Eduhub also grew in people (currently 12),
so we moved to a new office in November 2010, creating an ideal place for
enhancing our products and finding inspiration for new business solutions.


Growth since launch

This graph shows you how the course offer increased between mid-October 2010 and the beginning of December 2010.
Increase of training courses on Eduhub UK

We’re proud of the reactions of the first providers on Eduhub:
The admin pages are great – I logged in when you sent me
the logins and everything appeared very easy to use.

We are also really impressed by the look of the site – very professional and simple to use.” (Reed Learning)

That leaves us en route for our goals for the next six months:
  • Raising the total number of online training courses to 8.000.
  • Attracting around 60.000 unique visitors to the website per month.
  • Supporting you to get the best out of our website regarding usability,
    exposure, conversions and communication with prospects.

The Eduhub Admin

In the Eduhub Admin you can enter your courses and contact details, view your leads and do much more.
Below, a quick intro to the most important features easing your life and helping to raise your online marketing ROI:

Your profile
  • Stick out from the crowd by describing your organisation and its USP’s.
  • Let potential participants know how they can best get in touch with you by adding contact details.
  • Upload your logo and optionally a video from YouTube or any other video service.
Adding training courses
Besides providing us with an XML feed or filled-in Excel template, you can add training courses directly in the Eduhub Admin. We’ve done extensive user research to make this as easy and quick as possible.
  • Distinguish the course type and level of education.
  • Link it to a category and up to five related subjects.
  • Attract more potential participants by connecting regions to the course, since many visitors search accordingly.
  • Add a (YouTube) video to spice it up!
Conversions (leads)

In the conversions section you can view details on your institute’s conversions (leads);

per single month/ all months and single training course/ all training courses.

Review widgets
Has a participant posted a positive review about one of your training courses on

Dutch example of a review widget

Use our review widgets to share reviews on your own website and show potential participants what they can expect of your training course(s).

The example here is from


Worth knowing

  • At this point in time there are 2.536 training courses and education programmes published on
  • Popular keywords visitors used to search for training courses so far: autocad 14 training dvds, bachelor of education courses in coventry, accounting courses, procurement training liverpool and mba compare.
  • In the past 30 days there were a number of international visitors on, namely from Spain, Germany, India, Russia, Belgium, China, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Sweden.
  • We have two new residents in our fish tank: two blue shrimps who are still nameless. Any suggestions?